Some April 5 Election Endorsements

31 Mar

Yeah, I know, we just voted a couple of weeks ago, but it is time to vote again in the low-turnout municipal elections. But these elections are important. There are many tax increases on the ballot, along with local politicians, some who like to raise taxes, raise spending, and file or allow the settlement of lawsuits against local cities. With that in mind, I would like to offer some endorsement. In some cases, I will provide the reasoning behind my endorsement.

Fox School Board

  • Michael Booker – understands that Fox needs to regain the public’s trust
  • Not Dan Kroupa

Arnold City Council

  • Ward 1 – EJ Fleischmann
  • Ward 2 – John Brazeal – will provide an independent, critical voice for transparency and good decision making in city government
  • Ward 3 – two bad choices

Antonia Fire

  • Preston Haglin – fiscal responsibility

JeffCo Health Dept

  • Preston Haglin – fiscal responsibility, limited government

Pevely Board of Aldermen

  • Ward 1 – Erin Kasten
  • Ward 2 – Linda Hahn

Rock Fire

  • Cathy Woolridge

Hillsboro School Board

  • 3 year term:- Dennis Bradley – to hold the administration accountable

Rock Ambulance

  • Charles Groeteke

One Response to “Some April 5 Election Endorsements”

  1. Anonymous April 1, 2016 at 5:34 pm #

    The pursuit of fiscal responsibility is always laudable, especially in a government entity. On the surface Charles Groeteke may even appear to support conservative causes. However his actions do not pass muster. Director Groeteke was part of a Board that was complicit in building Rock Township’s House 4; an overpriced and inefficient building. Now that House 4 is heavily weighing on the budget, which in turn is making it hard for the District to complete its core mission–providing excellent Emergency Service in a timely and efficient manner. Director Groeteke has continued to thwart plans to hire an accountant to examine the budget and accounting in the District, even when there have been significant questions about fund allocations. The only “fiscally responsible” action that Director Groeteke has apparently committed is to stand against Proposition Lifesaver. The only issue with that is that he was part of the problem that necessitated Proposition Lifesaver. Please come attend board meetings. We believe that public attendance and transparency will permit the District to operate in the most responsible manner for the District citizens. I’m not asking you to endorse the other candidates, but I think you should examine your endorsement closer to make sure that the reality aligns with your values.


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