Sheriff Rep on 911 Board

16 May

JeffCo Sheriff Glenn Boyer, who is stepping down from that job after this fall’s election, has also stepped down from the Jefferson County 911 Dispatch Board of Directors, on which he has sat since 1990, according to the May 5 Leader. Undersheriff Steve Meinberg, 2nd in command at the sheriff’s office, was appointed to replace him at the April 25 911 board meeting. He was selected over a couple of individuals who have graced these pages before: former state representative Jeff Roorda and Crystal City administrator Jason Eisenbeis.

Meinberg said “it’s important to be a representative of the Sheriff’s Office on the board because we are the largest user of 911 services.” That begs a question:

Meinberg is running to replace Boyer as sheriff in the November election. There are several GOP challengers, one who will be selected in the August primary to take on Meinberg (primary preview here). If Meinberg loses, one assumes that the new sheriff will appoint his own person to be 2nd in command, and it would be advisable and well within his rights to do so. In that case, will Meinberg step down from the 911 board (his term runs until April 2018)? If it is important for the sheriff’s office to have representation on the board, that is what he will do if he loses the election.


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  1. Anonymous May 16, 2016 at 10:01 pm #

    It was a trick. They waited till Mr Terry was gone then appointed Meinberg without taking apps from any republicans.


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