Legislature Wrapup

23 May

The Missouri legislative session ended on Friday the 13th. Here is a recap of how our representatives voted on certain measures during the last few weeks of the session. On many measures, all local GOP representatives, or all reps (including the one Democrat) voted the same way on a bill. I generally don’t mention those bills.

Paycheck protection: This was already vetoed by the governor, and it was back for override votes. It failed in the Senate by one vote. Paul Wieland switched from a no the first time around to a yes on the override, and Gary Romine went from absent to voting no. The House votes were the same as the first time, with Becky Ruth, Elaine Gannon, and lone Democrat Ben Harris voting no. Here’s a Missouri Times article on Gannon and Romine and their status as pro-union Republicans.

Medical marijuana: A bill to allow its use only by cancer patients in hospice ultimately failed in the House. It actually passed what is called a perfection vote 91-59, with all JeffCo reps voting yes, except Ruth who was absent. But on the third reading two days later, it failed 66-87. Though many reps flip-flopped, the JeffCo reps stayed with their votes (Ruth was absent again). But a broader medical marijuana initiative is likely to be on the ballot this fall.

Ethanol inventive extension: This bill to extend the subsidy through 2020 passed the House 104-47, but did not get a final vote in the Senate. This is an issue that divides conservatives, and two local GOP Reps, Rob Vescovo and John McCaherty, voted no, while the rest of the JeffCo delegation supported it.

Critchlow law: Vescovo’s bill regarding the use of administrative leave for public employees passed both houses this year after falling short in the Senate last year. It requires a hearing within 60 days of an employee being placed on administrative leave. In the original House vote this year, Ruth, Gannon, and Harris voted no. The Senate amended the bill and passed it unanimously, and on the subsequent House vote all JeffCo reps supported the bill.


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