Festus on Top Again in JeffCo MAP Test Scores

21 Oct

It is time once again to review the performance of Jefferson County schools on the most recent standardized tests.

The following table ranks our 11 school districts by average MAP test score across the four subjects. I have highlighted the best score in each subject in gold, the second best score in silver, and the lowest score in red.

As you can see, Festus once again had the best average, with Fox in second, Windsor third, and Jefferson in fourth. The numbers indicate the percentage of students who scored proficient or better in a subject.


MAP scores for JeffCo schools, 2016

Here are the JeffCo MAP top three districts from recent years, with links to my reports:

2015: Festus, Fox, Windsor

2014: Fox, Festus, Windsor (I did not average out the subject scores at the time, but I did so now in order to get these rankings for 2014, ignoring the APR number)

2013: Festus, Fox, Jefferson

As you can see, there has not been much change in the top spots in recent years. One noteworthy change over time is that Crystal City was 4th in 2013, 8th in 2014, 9th in 2015, and last this year. Jefferson went from 4th to 7th and back to 4th in the past three years. Sunrise and De Soto moved up a bit this year while Hillsboro and Grandview moved down.

In the Post-Dispatch‘s rankings of area districts in the article linked above, Festus was #10 in the STL region in both math and English. “Statewide, 62.9 percent of students met the threshold on the English portion of the MAP test, and 48.6 percent were proficient or advanced in math.” Most JeffCo districts were above these averages, but a few were not.

The state’s APR scores will come out in a few weeks, which will incorporate these scores plus attendance and graduation rates. I will report on the scores when they are available.


From the Post-Dispatch article (where you can also see results by individual school):

But legislative requirements have resulted in three versions of the reading and math tests in the last three years, making it all but impossible to compare proficiency rates over time.

However, this should not prevent us from comparing schools to each other, since each school is doing the same tests in any given year. As the article also states: “Schools and district scores can accurately be compared against one another, and against the statewide proficiency rates.”


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