Fox Audit Follow-Up Review to Start Soon

8 Dec

When a Missouri entity is audited by the state auditor and receives a “poor”rating, the auditor comes back to do a follow-up review to see if the entity is carrying out the auditor’s recommendations. As you recall, the Fox school district received a poor rating in its audit, which was released in May of this year. I checked with the state auditor, and they said the follow-up process for Fox “will begin soon.”

As an example, here is Pevely’s follow-up report, which was issued in April 2015, six months after the initial audit gave the city a poor rating. We are now seven months after the Fox report, but it does not seem like the process will take very long. It will be good to see how Fox is adhering to the audit recommendations, but it will not tell us if Fox has taken any steps to get back the money that was stolen or seek punishment against those who helped steal it.

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