Heroin and Foster Care in Jefferson County

4 Mar

A number of recent news articles have appeared recently on the area’s heroin/opioid epidemic and specifically how it impacts the foster care system. Jefferson County in particular is affected by the combination of heroin use and a lack of foster homes. According to a KSDK report, there are 350 children in foster care in the county that can’t be placed with family members, but only 60 foster homes.

A recent Post-Dispatch article, accompanied by a stark front-page photo of two addicts shooting up in their kitchen, provided this chart of local heroin death rates:


While STL City has far and away the worst problem, Jefferson and Franklin have the next highest rates among area counties.

Another P-D article highlighted the effects of heroin on the foster system in the region:

“We are in desperate need of more foster parents for the first time in a decade and a half,” said Melanie Scheetz, executive director of the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition of St. Louis. “We need them for both newborns and older children.”

This article states that the number of JeffCo kids in foster care has increased by 20 percent in the past five years, while STL City and County have gone up by about 30 percent.

This graphic, also from the P-D, shows birth rates by county of children with opioid withdrawal symptoms:heroin-births

JeffCo is not in the top ten in the state in this statistic, and our 8.68 per 1,000 rate is lower than what is seen in Franklin, Washington, and St. Francois Counties, but higher than Ste. Genevieve and St. Louis Counties.

Local Response

Judge Darrell Missey, who sees foster care trends firsthand in his courtroom, helped start a group called Fostering Hope, and he is highlighted in this KSDK news report (definitely watch the video). This group helps spread the word about the need for more foster parents and lets churches and other groups know what they can do to help.


Jefferson County Judge Darrell Missey

First Baptist Church in Arnold has started a One Less Orphan ministry. The goals of this program are to recruit, train, and support foster and adoptive parents.

The Jefferson County Foster Children’s Fund helps support foster children and parents by providing events and donations.


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  1. Anonymous April 4, 2017 at 3:08 pm #

    This is such crock of shxx . I have been in family drug court for over a year and in that time I have had no dirty UA’s, no inconclusive, nor diluted. So why is it when I am due to graduate April 3 I was told 3 days prior that I failed my hair test. Well let me say that is impossible. I will pay to retest I am and have been clean. They will not let me see or have a copy of this test, which I have asked for reapeatedly. They took my kids and now are having me run from spot to spotwith no time to even think. But they for some reason only took my twin babies not their 9 year old sister. Why is that? Could it be because there is no money in her. I always thought Judge Missey was a fair judge impartial to sides. But all I can say is either he is totally clueless, or just as dirty as the CPS. They are the reason foster care is over crowded this was their last attempt to keep my twin babies. I thought Trisha Stefanski was crooked she should be working with the other snakes. Hello Judge Missey if you peoplw would retest when a person demands one there probably wouldnt be as many foster homes needed. That is another subject people taking kids in for the check, some ketting abused sexually, physically, and mentally in these “Foster Homes”. Just because they can pass aback ground check doesnt make them fit.


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