JeffCo Reps Mostly Quiet on Greitens

26 Apr

Updated to add Revis statement.

With Governor Eric Greitens facing three felony charges and a jarring House investigative report, a number of politicians have called on him to resign, including state Attorney General and US Senate candidate Josh Hawley. But less than half of Jefferson County’s legislators have done so. Here is a list:

  • Rep. Becky Ruth, GOP, 114th district, Festus – called for his resignation on April 12 in a Facebook post.
  • That same day, Sen. Gary Romine, GOP, 3rd district, Farmington, and two other Missouri senators signed a letter to President Trump asking him to tell Greitens to resign. Romine, who has had an acrimonious relationship with the governor since Greitens took office, called on the governor to consider resigning in February.
  • Also on April 12, JeffCo’s newest representative, Mike Revis, Democrat, 97th district, Fenton, called for Greitens’ resignation. He is also one of 20 cosponsors (19 of them Democrats) of a bill to allow the House committee investigating the governor to introduce articles of impeachment against Greitens “upon a finding of good cause.”
  • On April 17, Rep. Rob Vescovo, 112th district, Arnold, the GOP majority leader, issued a statement with the rest of the House GOP leadership asking the governor to step down.
  • Reps. Elaine Gannon, Shane Roden, and Dan Shaul and Sen. Paul Weiland (all Republicans) have made no calls for resignation at this time. They are likely awaiting Greitens’ trial next month and/or the completion of the House investigation before commenting.
  • Rep. Ben Harris (the other JeffCo Democrat) does not appear to have made a statement on Greitens, but his office could not confirm that. Harris has not cosponsored the aforementioned impeachment bill.

One Response to “JeffCo Reps Mostly Quiet on Greitens”

  1. George Thompson April 26, 2018 at 10:07 am #

    Something fishy here. The President of the United States has no authority to “tell” any governor to step down. None. Zero. It is a state responsibility, not a too powerful already central government’s. So why bother him? He currently has similar problems of his own that the left just won’t let go away. Those in Jeff City taking a wait and dee attitude have chosen the right path. Those who have seemingly reached a decision are simply grandstanding. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty either in a court of law or public confession. At this point all Greitens is done is had an adulterous affair with a consenting adult. In this day and age, that is not an impeachable offense. Until something impeachable is legally proven the ‘wait and see’ stance is the smart one.


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