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JeffCo Items Extracted from the News

23 Dec

Here are two interesting tidbits I pulled from recent news articles:

Washington Post graphic, 12/12/2014

Washington Post graphic, 12/12/2014

A Washington Post article on the decline of the middle class earlier this month included an interactive infographic that gave county-level data on median income (click to enlarge). As you can see, Jefferson County median household income peaked in 1999 (at $64,610), which barely puts us among the 81 percent of US counties in which median income peaked at least 15 years ago. St. Louis County and St. Louis city, by comparison, peaked in 1969. As you see from the chart on the right side, we are consistently above the US and Missouri averages in this category.

Here is the second item I saw:

In E. Leigh’s map published in 1862, Missouri’s slave population is shown by county. Each black block denotes 100 slaves. Courtesy St. Louis Mercantile Library. (From 12/20/2014 Post-Dispatch)

This is from a exhibit of St. Louis and Missouri maps at the St. Louis Mercantile Library, reported on by the Post-Dispatch. While the numbers are hard to read, it shows that JeffCo residents owned 564 slaves in 1860, according to that year’s Census. This, of course, was right before slavery ended. I think this provides an interesting historical note.

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