Teamsters Camp Update

30 Mar

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about moves by Pevely and Herculaneum to get access for their interested citizens to the Teamsters Health and Medical Camp in Pevely. I wrote that this was a sweetheart deal for the union, and a poor one for the cities.

There’s some news on this from Herky. Turns out, according to the Dear Leader, that they’ve only found about 50 households that are interested in participating in the program. They need 100 households to sign up for Herky residents to gain access. As an aside, it’s not really clear to me why there needs to be a minimum number of residents to launch this program. I assume it is because the Teamsters want a critical mass of new camp users to make it a true sweetheart deal instead of a minor benefit.

But I figure there are two possible explanations here:

  1. People don’t like to do things until the deadline. That’s why Post Offices are open until midnight on tax day. In the case of signing up to access the camp, though, there is no official deadline. Therefore, procrastinators have no declared last minute to wait for. Maybe when/if the city announces a deadline, the numbers will pick up. The Herky city administrator said he wanted people signed up by the first week of April. Uh, that’s next week.
  2. The citizens of Herky agree with me that this isn’t that great of a deal. In addition to all the costs, Herky is a few miles from Pevely, so they have to drive further to get to the camp than Pevely residents, who signed up for the program in sufficient numbers.

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  1. Casey Jones April 2, 2012 at 10:31 pm #

    I’m as guilty as anyone, but this has to be the result of apathy on the part of the electorate, we’re just not paying near enough attention…..right?



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