Ballot Issue and JeffCo GOP Primary Endorsements

30 Jul

Given the number of propositions, amendments, and contested Republican races on the August 5 ballot, I thought I’d go ahead and issue some endorsements. In case you aren’t sure how to vote on that one race or on that one ballot issue, these recommendations may provide assistance. Regular readers of this site know what I stand for and can use that information when considering my recommendations. I am a conservative who prefers small, clean government. Be sure to get out and be one of the 10% or so of the public that will vote in the primary. You can see your ballot here (fill out the info and click ‘Lookup’).

Ballot Issues

Amendment 1 – Right to Farm: No

It seems like this will mainly benefit big corporations, if anybody. I’m not convinced we have much to fear from the Humane Society of the US types. Missouri passed the puppy mill ban, but that was in response to a legitimate problem – the quibble was with the details. I am confident Missouri voters won’t vote to ban the ownership of livestock or anything extreme. If they do, the Legislature can adjust it, as they did the puppy mill proposition. I also fear this will negatively impact organic and local food producers.

Amendment 5 – Right to Bear Arms: Yes

It will provide some extra protection for gun rights.

Amendment 7 – Transportation Sales Tax: No

I don’t like the idea of using a sales tax for roads on the state level – a gas tax hike would make more sense, if anything. This will push sales taxes in some areas over 10%. Some of this money can and will be used for mass transit and bike lanes. Furthermore, truckers, who cause a lot of road wear, won’t contribute to this, unless they buy some bear claws at Missouri truck stops.

Amendment 8 – Veterans Lottery Ticket: No

The Post-Dispatch recently reported that lottery receipts to the state, which go to education, are on the decline. This new ticket will probably take money from existing lottery games (and thus from education), and could prompt other groups to try to get their own lottery ticket. If something needs funding, it should come from the budget, not the lotto.

Amendment 9 – Security of Electronic Communications and Data from Law Enforcement: Yes

This measure goes beyond the recent US Supreme Court ruling requiring warrants for cell phones (this amendment also covers other devices) to further protect individuals from improper searches.

Proposition S – Jefferson County Road Tax Renewal: Yes

I wrote about this here.


State Representative District 111: Jason Jarvis

He has a variety of experiences, from military to law enforcement to business, and a commitment to individuals and small business.

State Rep. Dist. 112: Rob Vescovo

A strong conservative with business experience and good connections that will allow him to be effective.

State Rep. Dist. 113: Dan Shaul

A man with conservative beliefs who has experience with business and with the legislative process. I wrote about his opponent here.

County Circuit Clerk: Mike Reuter

He has experience with the legal system and a commitment to improving the office’s efficiency.

County Executive: Mark Paul

A fresh face with no cronies who will lead the council rather than impede it. He will clean up county procedures and help remove government roadblocks to growth and development.

County Council District 1: Don Bickowski

His opponent doesn’t seem to be running much of a campaign at all.

County Council Dist. 3: Bob Boyer

He has been a leader on the county council, helping to control spending and keep government in check.

County Council Dist. 7: Dan McCarthy

I believe he will help keep county government focused on what it should be doing. He has promised to address planning and zoning directives that don’t make sense. He voted against crony hires as a Hillsboro School Board member.

County Recorder: Debbie Dunnegan

She has done great work to clean up mistakes and modernize the office.


County GOP Township Committeeman/woman

It seems that the current committee majority is too focused on keeping its people on the committee and stealing presidential caucuses to focus on building the party. I am supporting non-establishment candidates.

Arnold: EJ Fleischmann, Michelle Hohmeier (even though she moved out of the township and isn’t campaigning)

Imperial: Mark and Michelle Paul

Joachim: Rick and Terry Blowers

Riverview: Jim Muellersman

Rock: Jeremy Day, Carol Soppeland

Valle: Jared Poyner

Windsor: David and Michelle Day


3 Responses to “Ballot Issue and JeffCo GOP Primary Endorsements”

  1. Bob Hohmeier July 30, 2014 at 1:18 pm #

    100% in agreement on the Constitutional Amendment votes. But unless you think government is too small or there is not waste there, please vote NO on Prop S in Jefferson County. Make them downsize and cut the waste long before they ask us for more money!


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    I like your take on most things but sometimes you need to look a little deeper and ask questions of those who might know. Rob Vescovo has never reported or paid county taxes on any of the businesses he owns and operates. Check with the county if you don’t believe me. Look at his campaign disclosure and see how much of his contributors money he spends on gas, food and to his own company “18 graphics”. Looks like he is supporting himself with his supporters contributions. Why doesn’t he pay his taxes like the rest of us?


  3. Anonymous July 31, 2014 at 9:09 pm #

    Seriously. Mike Reuter? Experience? He was a deputy. He cuffed prisoners and escorted them to court. Did something rub off while he was in holding? What does he know about efiling, computers or software? The Jefferson county court system is one of the busiest and over burdened in the state. Ask any judge. Talk to attorneys to find out how smooth the circuit clerks office keeps things running.


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